The Kebab Kids

The Route:

Day 1: Plymouth 0
  Overnight ferry to Roscoff  
Day 2: Bordeaux 350
  Pick up some wine  
Day 3: Madrid  
  More wine  
Day 4: Seville  
  For some oranges  
Day 5: Tangiers  
  For some dates  
Day 6: Fez  
  For a hat - just like that  
Day 7: Marrakech - for Christmas  
  Rocking the casbah  
Day 8: Marrakech - for Christmas  
  Christmas Day  
Day 9: Agadir  
  Hitting the beach  
Day 10: Southern Morocco  
Day 11: Daklha  
Day 12: Western Sahara  
Day 13: Into Mauritania  
Day 14: The Sahara  
Day 15: More Desert  
Day 16: Southern Sahara  
Day 17: Who knows?  
Day 18: Senegal  
Day 19: Banjul (hopefully) 4,000
Day 20: Resting  
Day 21: Back to Blighty
Now, that's the plan, but when 2 of your mates tell you you'll be lucky to get to Morocco and when one reckons we won't even make it to the start line in Plymouth, I am begining to wish I had a plan B.


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