Very Good Design Concepts

Here are some fantastic design concepts put together for a company that used to buy and sell land - the so called land bank approach. Their business plan was that customers would buy a parcel of land and later on when the company achieves planning permission on the land, the value of that parcel of land increases. In a nutshell, selling plots of land for profit is what this company was offering and these are what the client said were really good design concepts.

These design concepts were created way back in December 2004. It's a long time ago, yet at the time this was cutting edge design.

Design Concept 1: Home Page 1a Home Page 1b Home Page 1c Land Available Page 1a Land Available Page 1b Why Land Page
Design Concept 2: Home Page Land Available Page Why Invest Page
Design Concept 3: Home Page 3a Home Page 3b Home Page 3c Land Available Page Why Buy Land Layout Sketches