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Penis Enlargement Seminar

"Coming soon" to a town near you

Penis Specialist

I am the penis specialist Dr. Phil Quackers a most distinguished and respected�senior�physician at the Psychiatric Unit of the Ukrainian Institue of Phallusology.

I request the pleasure of your company at the forthcoming Penis Enlargement Seminar. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn new penis enlargment techniques, find out about the latest developments about penis growth tablets and check the colours of the penis enlargement pills this season, to meet other mugs satisfied customers and to pump it up baby!

You're probably sceptical that penis enlargement pills do actually work, but come to the Penis Enlargement Seminar and by listening to our distinguished speakers, you will get to know the real truth. This seminar is a meeting of minds to enable a sharing of ideas and also a meeting of dicks to enable a sharing of measurements.

The penis enlargement seminar has something for everyone - small, medium or large, straight or gay, male or female - we don't discriminate.

Attending this seminar will leave you extended in many ways.

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Penis Enlargement Seminar Morning Sessions

Keynote Address:
Dr. Seymour Girth welcomes you to today's penis enlargement seminar and gets us all thinking with his keynote address: "Thicker, longer and harder - can one pill do it all?"

  • Numbers that matter
    Is 3 inches in 4 months growth enough? What should you be satisfied with?

  • Pills, patches or tablets
    Attend a lively debate between Dr. Richard Head and Dr. Frank Weener. Which works best?

  • Women - what shall we do with them ?
    Rumour has it that women receive and delete penis enlargement emails too

  • Mail Messaging
    Dr. Ivor Biggun answers the question "Is sending five million emails a week a nuisance or a public service?"

  • How to look after dissatisfied customers
    Expecting low attendance at this session - prove us wrong.

  • Foreigners - what shall we do with them ?
    Rumour has it that there plenty of men in France with hairy balls and hairy penises. Learn how to sell them penis enlargements pills without learning a word of French. Find out why penis enlargement pills sell so well in France and other countries

  • Staying Power
    Ensuring Penis Extension remains the Internet's number one email spam subject

  • The men in the white coats
    Dr. Dolittle reveals where you can get your hands on convincing pictures of men in white coats, who just could be doctors, to help with those product endorsements

  • How to bypass the spam filter:
    How to use special characters creatively - find out how to put the @ and $ signs to a new use - e.g. cl1ck here for l@rger peni$ p1ll$ and bypass the spam filters

  • Linguistics
    Dr. Pepper explains VWE and asks Why does spam rhyme with scam and sham ?

  • Lunch
    An excellent opportunity to network, compare notes and study the gallery of guys with small dicks.

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Penis Enlargement Seminar Afternoon Sessions

  • Penis Extension Workshop
    Dr. Long Schlong explains how just one pill can stop premature ejaculation, gain you four inches in length and provide stronger erections.

  • New Comers
    Dr. Bogus gives an entertaining presentation that describes how to get started in this lucrative business, with no initial investment!

  • A Photograph Never Lies
    Expert photographer Jeff Kaine demonstrates how to use Photoshop to manipulate and "enhance" images for those totally believable "before and after" penis enlargement photos.

  • Ingrandimento Del Penis
    How to sell to the Italians, Spanish and the Germans. How we can sell more of this stuff to yet more people who don't need it.

  • Breast Enlargement Pills
    An untapped opportunity, a brighter fuller future is in our hands.

  • Other Opportunities
    Cable TV descramblers, remote controlled mini cars and other get rich quick scams opportunities.

  • Endowment Justice
    Cock enlargement - stand up for what is rightfully yours.

  • Hands-on Session
    Your chance to compare penis growth tablets

  • Closing Remarks
    Dr. Jekyll wraps up the penis enlargement seminar and gives a practical demonstration of what can go wrong with penile enlargement pills and potions.

Penis Enlargement Seminar Evening Networking

  • Cock Tales
    Your chance to relax at the bar and enjoy a slow comfortable screw or two.

Attendance of the penis enlargement seminar comes with an official diploma signed by a doctor of your choice.
Here are some doctors who may be presenting cock enlargement papers at the seminar:

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Already booked onto the penis enlargement seminar...

  • "I am able to last so much longer on the job now. My member has increased by at least 20% in just 4 weeks" - Dr Long Shlong

  • "I am pleased to be in attendance and am looking to meet with many people who are wishing me to endorse their products" Dr. Nicolaas Grobler

  • "I feel it will be an uplifting seminar. I truly believe it will be a genuine pleasure to meet other honorable business persons such as myself." - Jeffrey Archer

Dates: Nationwide Tour throughout the year
Registration Fee: �1,495 or $1,495 per person

Register Now!

To register, simply send us �1,495 or $1,495 via risk free Paypal transfer

When booking, our asking for your Mother's maiden name, your Social Security number, your bank details and your PIN number is entirely for your security. Please be aware that our privacy policy means that we may well use your credit card on your behalf for our own test purposes.


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