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Carl Christensen

There are many people with the name Carl Christensen in the world. Carl Christensen is a very popular name in Denmark, so jst think how many beautiful Danish girls there are called Christensen. You may well have come to this site by doing a Google search on Carl Christensen. Puzzling why anybody would want to do this of course, but plenty of people do.

Carl.Christensen likes to think of himself as an explorer, entrepreneur and adventurer and you will usually find him On Holiday Somewhere

As you are here looking for details on Carl Christensen, let me give you some. Serial entrepreneur, fearless leader and far sighted visionary so he would like to believe, Carl is better known for having a strong liver and having an eclectic bag of party tricks. Amongst Carl's many skills, he can play the sax (badly), play spoons, change water into wine, eat fire, make bananas disappear and there is a reason he is known as �The Hypnotiser�.

Carl Christensen Biography

Carl Christensen was born in 1960 and is the only son of a genius and a florist. Carl lives just outside Oxford and has never been much good at anything other than tennis, and he's far too old for that now. His other hobbies include golf, massage, astronomy and pottering around the garden. Carl Christensen used to be a techie, and eventually moved into marketing. His entrepreneurial flair came to the fore when he set up a Web design company way back in 1994, which he eventually sold in 2004. He later started and sold a UK speed dating company called Slow Dating, and he now dabbles with a number of other projects including a number of niche online dating sites, managing what property professionals refer to as a "property portfolio" and writing quiz books.

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